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After days blending and bleeding into nights, after bundled hours ignoring standard delivery and after having put my foot down with the intention of “taking it easy” and “giving my voice a rest”, I sang until the Golden, CO sun rose. It’d be easy to place blame and to say “Hydle made me do it.” Equally, I could ascertain the idea that that beautiful electric Ibanez was a temptation too enchanting to deny. Truth be told, however, it was all my fault. I take full responsibility. Choosing to sing new songs and old while laughing and toasting to new friends and old while the rest slept was the decision I made that night. A decision I’ve made a million times before and will undoubtedly make a million times again. Because, in the thick of it, in and out of the traffic life mercilessly builds, taking the time to spend even more time doing what you love becomes the ultimate enabler for success. “Success” meaning happiness. “Success” meaning memories that tattoo our hearts sweetly and cannot be removed. “Success” meaning taking chances and “success” meaning losing my voice because I had the audacity to use it in the first place.

TSOIGDH – Capper out.

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